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Resumes that make your phone ring!™

Written by a team of sales managers that are Certified
Professional Resume Writers with an average of 14 years’
experience hiring sales representatives into your industry.

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Why Hire Us?

We write the best resumes in the industry that change lives everyday!

You have probably realized that it is now easier to apply for a job than anytime in history, yet it is more difficult to get a response to your resume than ever before.

We have put together a short video that explains why it is so hard to get a call back and how we can help you. Please take a look…..


    Resume that makes your phone ring!

    • Industry Specific Expertise

      Your resume will be wriiten by a sales manager that is a Certified Professional Resume Writer that has hired an average of 45 sales representatives into your industry. You can’t find this combination anywhere else and, yes, that’s why we get the results that we do!

    • Formatted for Success

      Formatting that will get an employer’s attention!

    • Keyword Optimized

      ATS systems will identify you as a match for the job!

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How It Works?




Once you purchase your resume and/or cover letter, you will be asked to upload your resume.




Your resume writer will contact you
the same business day to
understand your goals, identify your
valuable skill sets, and highlight your

This process results in your having a more impactful resume that drives more interviews! It's that simple!



Receive Your Resume

You will receive your resume within 2 business days and can approve it or request changes free of charge.

Additional Products & Services

Job Search Strategy Guide

30 minute Consultation with a Certified Professional Career Coach and former sales manager that will optimize your job search strategies.

Contains step-by-step instructions that will allow you to develop and implement a comprehensive, successful job search strategy.

Interview Coaching

You will do a live video interview with a hiring manager in the industry and provided actionable feedback that will improve your interviewing skills!

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Cover Letters

No application is complete without a cover letter.